Benefits Working with Feng Shui Real Estate Experts

  • BUY, SELL, DESIGN or BUILD properties with good FENG SHUI
  • Find the RIGHT HOME for you & your family based on your personal vibrations 
  • Save TIME & MONEY
  • MAXIMIZE sales appeal of a home or business
  • Stage your home or business to SELL in record time
  • Experience life with more BALANCE & HARMONY
  • Magnetize PROSPERITY & good Fortune
  • CAPITALIZE on auspicious energy
  • Attract abundance & blessings
  • Create dynamic personal & business relationships
  • Grow your net worth


A Conscious, Holistic Approach To Selling & Buying The Best Home Or Business

6 Feng Shui Tips to Help a Home Sell in Record Time

Feng Shui For Real Estate, The Perfect Marriage

Location, Location, Feng Shui.....

I work with: 

  • Buyers 
  • Sellers
  • Realtors
  • Brokers

Being both a Realtor and a certified Feng Shui for Real Estate Expert.  I can help you every step of the way or work with your realtor, broker or privately just consult with you.  Guiding you through the Feng Shui recommendations for your Real Estate needs.  

  • Creating a more enjoyable, harmonious and successful outcome
  • Identifying the seen and unseen Ener'Chi that is either Empowering you or Depleting you
  • Sell your home or business FAST!
  • Assistance in home staging recommendations
  • Selection of an auspicious asking price
  • Space clearing to create opportunities for success
  • Enhance curb appeal
  • Feng Shui recommendations and cures
  • Property and surroundings analysis
  • Floor plan analysis
  • Your Personal element facing direction for house/business 
  • Analysis electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in and around your property

This Ancient Art has successful guided property owners for over 5,000 years.  Buying or selling a home or property can be stressful and it's the biggest transaction of your life. Knowledge is power and you want to make sure the Ener'Chi is perfect and it matches your personal vibration for successful outcomes. Your real estate is either energizing you or it's depleting you.   I help you identify these seen and unseen Ener'Chi of your property before you sell or buy.

I personally sold a family business before we listed it and a client business within 3 days full cash offer.
A couple of my clients home sold before they listed it on the market, one the very next day after it being on the market for over 90 days, and several clients within a week after their homes were on the market for over 90 days.

If you are needing a Realtor for buying or selling I can help you with thoses services or refer you to another high qualified, professionals and Happy Ener'Chi client of my.


Happy Clients

Selling with Feng Shui


  • COMMAND top dollar
  • MAXIMIZE visual, emotional & physical appeal
  • SAVE money & time
  • TURN buyers into contracts
  • REDUCE property showing time

Energetically balancing the Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood acts like a MAGNET that will:

  • Attract buyers and contract activity
  • Make a good first impression
  • Create the “Ahhh” factor
  • Appeal to the buyer’s five senses
  • Entices buyers to stay longer during showing
  • Allow buyers to relax and fall in love with the property
  • Turn offers into contracts
  • Promote easier transactions and smooth closings
  • Net more money
  • Create friendlier relations for all parties
  • Make a good first impression
  • Create a welcoming and inviting environment
  • Help buyers feel “right at home”

On average, buyers inspect 12 Homes before buying!

  • That means 11 other home owners are competing against you.
  • Have an edge over the competition with Feng Shui!

Architects, Builders, Developers and Real Estate professionals around the world are using Feng Shui sales and marketing techniques as a unique and critical edge over their competition.


Happy Real Estate Clients

Over Asking Price

My house sold within one day

My house sold within one day

"I am very pleased to say that the day after Sandy Sue and I finished placing the appropriate items in the correct places throughout my home and yard, we attracted the right buyer.   That night they placed an offer for $2,000 over the listing price.   I really enjoyed doing all the Feng Shui things with Sandy Sue - she made the whole experience fun.   By blending the Feng Shui along with the Real Estate we created a successful transaction.   I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a professional that knows how to get the job done."

Mary F. Rojas

Phoenix, AZ

My house sold within one day

My house sold within one day

My house sold within one day

"Sandy Sue is as good as it gets for me.  When I first met her several years ago I had her help me change my home office. Well that worked so very well, I had her do my store , Sami Fine Jewelry.  Compliments and busines flourished about my home, business and gardens.  I'm the one who doesn't know how to spell "unclutter"and she has helped me a lot in this department, As I changed my journey to a smaller home I had Sandy Sue come over and do her Feng Shui Magic to help me sell my home, believe it or not, a one day turn around. The buyer viewed the property and it sold the next day. Thanks Sandy Sue!"

Sami J. ~ Fountain Hills, AZ

Business Sold in 3 days

My house sold within one day

Business Sold in 3 days

"Sandy Sue and Rick sold my home and my business in record time.   They sold my house with in 28 days in a market that was taking over 90 days to sell.  Sandy Sue came into my spa business on a Friday night to Feng Shui it to sell and that following Monday I had a cash buyer! The deal closed that week.   This team and there expertise works, if you are looking for results they are the ones. I encourage anyone and everyone to use there services!"

Heidi Alexander PHM, CMT

Founder of the Puran Health Method 

Sold in 12 days

Dodged a Major Bullet

Business Sold in 3 days

"One word comes to mind about this dynamic duo. IMPRESSIVE! IMPRESSIVE! IMPRESSIVE! Rick and Sandy Sue Rector were key players in helping sell our house at a fair price in record time.  Our house sold in only 12 days in a market that was taking 120 day on average to sell.  

They provided excellent market analysis (to help determine price), staged the house as a cozy home, and provided 100% support throughout the entire process.

Because of Rick and Sandy Sue's proven superb service we were not only thankful for their expertise in the sale of the old house, but also in the search and eventual purchase of a new one!  It was carefully selected for its' comfort, practicality, and overall support (taken from ancient Feng Shui principles).  

My wife and I are now the proud owners of a home fit for a king and queen.  

Thank you, Rick and Sandy Sue, for all of your help. We look forward to this new & exciting chapter of our lives.  Fantastic job well done!"

-Brent and Amanda  

Dodged a Major Bullet

Dodged a Major Bullet

Dodged a Major Bullet

  • "Sandy Sue helped me dodge a major bullet with her clear and compassionate advice.  I was determined to buy a house that had a lovely deck, an unimpeded view of the river, a new kitchen, but most of the bedrooms were dark and small, there was no good place for my office, and the basement was cold and unfinished.  But the deal breaker was the lot – the back right corner was lopped off, and the owners had filled it with rotting wood, broken appliances, and junk.  That corner was the relationship corner!  Within 2 weeks, I had found the home I had been visualizing, and fell it love with it.   And Sandy Sue has advised me that the feng shui is very auspicious, and it certainly feels that way to me!  Thank you, Sandy Sue!"
  • Judith Lee

Sell homes fast

Dodged a Major Bullet

Dodged a Major Bullet

"Sandy Sue has helped me to sell many homes that I, as an interior designer, renovated and flipped. They All sold within a week! She also did Feng Shui in all of my residences I have lived in for balancing all the positive energy, increasing success and maintaining good health for all of my family. She is very professional and knowledgeable Feng Shui specialist in the valley! I will be using her in the future and recommend her to everyone I know."  - Elena Dorsey

Using Feng Shui to Buying a Home or Business

New Mantra: “Location, Location, Feng Shui, Feng Shui“

I help sophisticated BUYERS find Real Estate that will empower them using the wisdom of Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction.  These elements support your intentions and help you create the life energy you want! 

Your home and business environment is either energizes you or it deplete you.

I help you buy real estate that nurtures and supports you and your family.  Using ancient time tested Feng Shui techniques to analyze and appraise properties to asset you in selecting the best property to fit your personal vibrational needs. 

I also help you….

  • Attract and manifest more wealth and abundance
  • Choose properties that will support your goals
  • Check surrounding area for negative energy
  • Determine current property market value
  • Point out energetic flaws
  • Identify proper lot placement for new builds

Once I've helped you purchase your home or business, I offer a complimentary consultation at closing for a resell or during the design process of a new build to help you with:

  • Choosing the most harmonious placement of rooms
  • Color recommendations for improved energy
  • Furniture placement recommendations
  • Balancing the Five Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  The Five Elements are associated to colors, shapes and directions.

Move into your next home with your positive intentions, confidence and peace of mind.


and your family to…..Feel Empowered in all areas of life:

*Select the best property to meet your needs and…

  • Improve your overall life-quality
  • Attract and manifest more wealth and abundance
  • Improve business and career success
  • Bring more harmony into your relationships
  • Promote more health, wellness, and fertility
  • Increase love and romance
  • Feel luckier
  • Be happier in a balanced environment
    • They are known for ……
      • Affecting your health and making you sick
      • Living a chaotic life
      • Losing your job or money
      • Destroying relationships
      • Being stuck
      • Limiting opportunities
      • Preventing you from conceiving
      • Draining your energy
      • Increased Stress


Sold a Business within 3 Days


"I have known Sandy Sue's work since 2007. I watched her sell a friend's business so fast with Feng Shui and resonance repatterining I was in awe. I started working with her for my own home and when I needed help in shifting my energy into alignment. My husband always sees things happen whenever I do Feng Shui. In 2015 after a move I did Feng Shui to my new rental. I received approval for a tax free paid position, new clients, new friends, community support and increase in health/wellness. Before this I did Feng Shui to make the move happen it only took from November to March for the opportunity to appear, and my whole family landed in our new area in June. Before I purchase our first home I had a consult to help find the best one for everyone in my family. My kids health stayed strong at their new school and they are happily succeeding. My husband received a whole workshop with tools for him to do projects in his early retirement. My goals are achieved when I apply Feng Shui and opening to receive them."

Mary S. ~ Durgano, CO

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Sell Your House Fast using Feng Shui

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Sell Your House Fast using Feng Shui

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