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"Sandy Sue is like a ray of sunshine in my life! The Resonance Repatterning sessions and Feng Shui guidance that I have received from Sandy Sue have improved my life tremendously. If you have tried saying intentions before and haven't been able to completely feel or believe what you are saying, I highly recommend trying Resonance Repatterning and Feng Shui. You will feel and see your life shift in amazing ways! There is no better, more enjoyable person to work with in these sessions. She is always the epitome of positivity, compassion and pure joy! I have recommended her to many friends and will continue to recommend her highly..." - Fara Pasarell, L.A., CA



"Oh my gosh, Sandy Sue. I feel like I can breathe again after just making a few changes after our call. The hallway curtain is down, the broken water fountain is in the trash, and the sofa, chair, and TV are all rearranged in the ‘living room’. I LOVE not only how much better it looks, but how much better it feels … and FLOWS. I’ve made a few other small changes, each shifted the energy in a big, great way. Geez! A thousand times … Thank You!!!"  - Linda Shay , Sedona, AZ



Sandy Sue is a true master at helping you bring balance and harmony into your life. I have used her services for personal and business growth throughout the years.

Not only does she help balance out the energy in your life but with her Resonance Repatterining she can help on a deeper much personal level to assist you in resonating with want you are wanting to achieve in your life. Sandy Sue can aid you in reaching complete harmony." - Cas Eltzroth, Phoenix, AZ

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"Starting a new business is an exciting and at times overwhelming experience. I have no doubt that the Feng Shui recommendation Sandy Sue gave me for my new business space helped me attract many clients and maintain them through the warmth and safety my new space provided.(I attracted these clients without any marketing which blows everyones mind in my field). Every Client is commenting on how warm and welcoming the office feels like. Sandy Sue you are a gifted practitioner and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you continued success."  - Dr. Eniko Loud , Cave Creek, AZ



"Sandy Sue is truly gifted! She listens to any area of your life you want to experience change and empowers you to physically make changes in your environment to create real lasting change!!! Highly recommend!!!"  -  Windy Zachek, Phoenix, AZ 



"Skeptical, Yes, Not anymore! I relocated into an office from home. Ever since I felt my business was going downhill. I took a chance and had Sandy Sue come in. What an amazing difference. We had 4 accepted contracts that week! Since then we've had 11 under contract and continue with new clientele. I have been so pleased, that I had her come into my home. I cannot tell you what a positive difference this has made in our lives! If you want a positive change, this is it! Call her, don't wait!"  - Melissa Dierks, Peoria, AZ 


Feng Shui Works!

For Years There Was A Block

“I was so happy to work with Sandy Sue and looked forward to our meeting at my house. I felt for years that there was a block. Not only personally but on my work/career.  Sandy Sue saw right  away what needed to be done and down to work we went. Cleaning, eliminating, decluttering, moving furniture around.  I was skeptic and exited at the same time to go thru the process. When she left my house, not only we had made major changes but she left me with homework.

Diligently I followed her suggestions. In within a couple weeks’ time frame, and I am not exaggerating, not only my personal life improved dramatically, but my work started to flourish. Better yet, the focus that I lost and could not keep, the ideas that all died at the same level, all started to make sense. The direction was clear, things were moving. 

Not only my cooking blog www.GiangisKitchen.com picked up ( won a couple of global awards in the process and published in 130 magazines worldwide)  but I was able to create another website affiliate to the cooking blog, www.GKCoupons.comand increase my income stream.

My focus and direction is clear thanks to Sandy Sue who guided me thru it. I am also a lot happier and freer too personally.”


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"I met Sandy Sue several years ago at a workshop. She explained the Prosperity Corner. As she knows, I was skeptical. I was between jobs and having little luck finding a new job. The minute I implemented her suggestions (including moving my treadmill to another part of my house) I received an email from a recruiter that led to a fill-time opportunity in my field. This year, I was unable to attend her amazing Chinese New Year celebration. I hadn't even moved last year's Feng Shui objects. 2018 has been challenging. I will be doing Feng Shui today to get things back on track. I hope to invite Sandy Sue back to my house soon for a more thorough review of my home's energy. Sandy Sue is kind, honest, caring, and amazing."  - Vicki Rumford, Mesa, AZ



"I had a Feng Shui book that sat on my shelf essentially unused for years and years. I was given Sandy Sue's book as a gift, immediately LOVED it and started using it. It was so easy to use and simplified everything. I then signed up for her 9 Week Shift The Ener’Chi course. It was such a positive, informative class that I really looked forward to each week. I highly recommend it, and it allows you to make changes to the house during the week, to the area of the house discussed in class, asking questions as they arise. I then hired her to come out to my house to really fine tune my set up/individual house layout. She is very down to earth, with an upbeat, fun personality, and gives great advice. I highly recommend her!"  - Natalie Bustamante , Tempe, AZ



"I have worked with Sandy Sue for over 10 years. Whenever I move, and each year, I check in for the Feng Shui fine tuning. Sandy Sue also does group class for those who may not be near her in Arizona ( I am in New York now) and this group energy helps everyone to have access to this ancient form of harmony. Sandy Sue has a unique, inviting and informative way of presenting the work. I highly recommend to those who are seeking more harmony, balance and success in their lives!"  - Michelle M., New Jersey, NY

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"I have utilized Sandy Sue on numerous occasions for Feng Shui of Home and business ideas.  She has a thorough knowledge of the subject as well as great energy and enthusiasm!  Ever since I utilized her ideas, my business has increased tremendously and it continues to be abundant.  I HIGHLY recommend her!"

Pam Sear, Glendale, AZ



"Sandy Sue is a true expert in the study of Feng Shui. She helped me to Feng Shui my entire house two years ago. Since then I received a promotion, we started a successful design business and all around we have great energy around our family."

Mary Jane ~ Oklahoma 



"Just completed the 5 week series on Prosperity and Abundance. WOW!  My business is thriving! I feel amazing and empowered to go above and beyond what I thought was imaginable. I'm having more fun and am more at ease. Thank you so much for taking the time to do them!"

Melissa D. ~ Peoria, AZ

Wrote and Published My First Book

Sandy Sue Feng Shui, your smile and spirit amazing. I was reminded of the time you feng shui'ed my house and I told you that I wanted to be a Writer. However, my entry way had status of Venus de Milo and a antique typewriter visible as soon as you opened the door. Imagine a Writer with no arms and a typewriter with no paper...?!!!??!? After taking your advise and consultation, within a year I wrote and published my first book. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. My life has not been the same since...many new doors opened from that one consultation (and adding paper to the typewriter...LOL) 


This is my second time hiring Sandy Sue. The first time, I became a published author and grew so much spiritually. This time, the energy was different and immediately I started getting the sensation of abundance, manifestation and a sense of calm/easy that things were going to flow. We walked outside and Sandy Sue found a penny right in front of my house. I love this lady and endorse her and her GIFTS. For anyone looking to transform their business, life, relationships and finances... YOU MUST CALL HER!   Sandy Sue possess an amazing spirit and genuine whole-hearted nature that will be shown the moment she smiles. She makes things so easy and easy to understand.   HIRE HER!

 ~ Zena Contreras


Feng Shui Works



"Sandy Sue is amazing! I have used her Feng Shui services many times. First on my house as she had said the greatest flow of energy starts there. I then had her help me layout and Feng Shui my first wellness center 6 years ago and hired her this last spring once again as I expanded into my new wellness center and float spa!"

Martha R. ~ Glendale, AZ



"I first met Sandy Sue at a conference for Arizona State University where she gave a presentation on Feng Shui. I started buying a few things to bring change into my life. As time went on, I found myself more connected to her teachings. The changes I made to my office brought a career change and more happiness in my work life. I have since worked with her to Feng Shui my home. I recommend working with Sandy Sue whether it is her teleconferences or private consultation. You will not be disappointed."   - Stacey Flores, Phoenix, AZ



"Sandy Sue is an amazing Feng Shui practitioner. I have used her services many times including but not limited to selling a home, placement of items for my new home and attracting new opportunities for a career. Her knowledge of Feng Shui is truly a gift from above. If you are in need of balance in life, home and office, I highly recommend Sandy Sue."  - Karen Wesson, Peoria, AZ

Rings True

"Everything you told me during our Feng Shui session has rung more than true!!! You are a master of your craft, you have such a gift!"

- Madonna Myers   

Feng Shui Works



"We had no idea how significant Feng Shui could be! The Balance and flow that Sandy Sue has created for us through her Feng Shui consultation gave us confidence that the house we wished to buy would bring positive flow in our lives. We feel peaceful as we walk into the house during remodel, knowing that elements are feeding us. My harp students have doubled, and we haven't even moved in yet! Thank you, Sandy Sue! "

Christine Magnussen, Washington



"Sandy Sue came to my business and spent a couple of hours changing the Ener’chi in the space. She had me move some items to a better location and gave me great advice on attention to the front of my business, the door, entry and flow into the space.  I noticed an immediate change and not only have I attained more walk-in traffic, but my sales have went up drastically! I would highly recommend hiring Sandy Sue to enhance your business; she is worth more than the best marketing out there." 

Anna Kuttner, Glendale AZ

Haven Boutique



It all started at the Celebrate Your Life art show that my grandma was at. I wanted to be in the art show so I painted some pictures the day before. Me and my mom finally got to the art show and put out my work as soon as we got there. Then my first customers came, it happened to be Sandy Sue who had a booth next us. An hour after that I got another (sale).

And then my grandma wanted to buy a Feng Shui crystal from Sandy Sue next to us and I went over to look. I found the one we wanted and I was also given a lucky coin. I went back to my grandmother's booth with the coin and the Feng Shui crystal. Not 10 minutes later a lady buying some of my grandma's work looked at my artwork and said she wanted to buy one except she didn't have a dollar.  So instead she gave me her coin purse which was full of change!

I got so excited I went over to tell Sandy Sue who gave the lucky coin to me.

~Katie Carroll 8yrs

Happy Feng Shui Real Estate Client Praises



"Sandy Sue is as good as it gets for me.  When I first met her several years ago I had her help me change my home office. Well that worked so very well, I had her do my store , Sami Fine Jewelry.  Compliments and busines flourished about my home, business and gardens.
I'm the one who doesn't know how to spell "unclutter"and she has helped me a lot in this department,
As I changed my journey to a smaller home I had Sandy Sue come over and do her Feng Shui Magic to help me sell my home, believe it or not, a one day turn around. The buyer viewed the property and it sold the next day.
Thanks Sandy Sue!"

Sami J. ~ Fountain Hills, AZ


"Sandy Sue has helped me to sell many homes that I, as an interior designer, renovated and flipped. They All sold within a week! She also did Feng Shui in all of my residences I have lived in for balancing all the positive energy, increasing success and maintaining good health for all of my family. She is very professional and knowledgeable Feng Shui specialist in the valley! I will be using her in the future and recommend her to everyone I know."

Elena Dorsey ~ Scottsdale, AZ  

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"I am very pleased to say that the day after Sandy Sue and I finished placing the appropriate items in the correct places throughout my home and yard, we attracted the right buyer.   That night they placed an offer for $2,000 over the listing price.   I really enjoyed doing all the Feng Shui things with Sandy Sue - she made the whole experience fun.   By blending the Feng Shui along with the Real Estate we created a successful transaction.   I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a professional that knows how to get the job done."

Mary F. Rojas

Phoenix, AZ


"No matter how hard we tried we couldn't get one of our newly remodeled properties rented.  After utilizing Rick and Sandy Sue's services we were amazed how quickly we attracted a renter.  We highly recommend Rick and Sandy Sue's services to help rent or sell a home."  

Betty Charlier 

Glendale, AZ 


"Sandy Sue and Rick sold my home and my business in record time.   They sold my house with in 28 days in a market that was taking over 90 days to sell.  Sandy Sue came into my spa business on a Friday night to Feng Shui it to sell and that following Monday I had a cash buyer! The deal closed that week.   This team and there expertise works, if you are looking for results they are the ones. I encourage anyone and everyone to use there services!"

Heidi Alexander, San Francisco, CA 


"One word comes to mind about this dynamic duo. IMPRESSIVE! IMPRESSIVE! IMPRESSIVE! Rick and Sandy Sue Rector were key players in helping sell our house at a fair price in record time.  Our house sold in only 12 days in a market that was taking 120 day on average to sell.  

They provided excellent market analysis (to help determine price), staged the house as a cozy home, and provided 100% support throughout the entire process.

Because of Rick and Sandy Sue's proven superb service we were not only thankful for their expertise in the sale of the old house, but also in the search and eventual purchase of a new one!  It was carefully selected for its' comfort, practicality, and overall support (taken from ancient Feng Shui principles).  

My wife and I are now the proud owners of a home fit for a king and queen.  

Thank you, Rick and Sandy Sue, for all of your help. We look forward to this new & exciting chapter of our lives.  Fantastic job well done!"

-Brent and Amanda, Tempe, AZ


"Sandy Sue helped me dodge a major bullet with her clear and compassionate advice.  I was determined to buy a house that had a lovely deck, an unimpeded view of the river, a new kitchen, but most of the bedrooms were dark and small, there was no good place for my office, and the basement was cold and unfinished.  But the deal breaker was the lot – the back right corner was lopped off, and the owners had filled it with rotting wood, broken appliances, and junk.  That corner was the relationship corner!  Within 2 weeks, I had found the home I had been visualizing, and fell it love with it.   And Sandy Sue has advised me that the feng shui is very auspicious, and it certainly feels that way to me!  Thank you, Sandy Sue!"

Judith Lee, Frankfort, ID


"I have known Sandy Sue's work since 2007. I watched her sell a friend's business so fast with Feng Shui and resonance repatterining I was in awe. I started working with her for my own home and when I needed help in shifting my energy into alignment. My husband always sees things happen whenever I do Feng Shui. In 2015 after a move I did Feng Shui to my new rental. I received approval for a tax free paid position, new clients, new friends, community support and increase in health/wellness. Before this I did Feng Shui to make the move happen it only took from November to March for the opportunity to appear, and my whole family landed in our new area in June. Before I purchase our first home I had a consult to help find the best one for everyone in my family. My kids health stayed strong at their new school and they are happily succeeding. My husband received a whole workshop with tools for him to do projects in his early retirement. My goals are achieved when I apply Feng Shui and opening to receive them."

Mary S. ~ Durgano, CO

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