Harmonious Animal Cards

Increase Your Harmony With Others


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Included: 12 Harmonious Animal cards,  Chinese New Year's Ritual,  3 Red Intention Envelope with instruction.


My Book, EZ2 Feng Shui

A simple guide to decorating your home with intention


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Decorate with Feng Shui to balance and support good energy in the home or office by using this step-by step, easy-to-follow 26-card deck for effective life change. Each card is crafted to reveal a deeper understanding of how even the slightest changes, combined with the right intention, can greatly enrich the harmony in your space. Use the map of energy (a Bagua) by focusing on 9 areas of your life (Gua cards)  13 Yin/Yang Room cards (representing varied rooms of the home) and 5 question cards offer you ideas. 

Intended for beginners to advanced practitioners and designers. Includes cards and book.