You’re invited to enroll into my weekly “MONEY AS ENER’CHI” MasterClass and Virtual Online Courses. Everything is Ener’Chi and now more than ever it is important to match your Ener’Chi with Your Intentions regarding Money.

What is the “MONEY AS ENER'CHI ” MasterClass Virtual Online Course?

It’s my special blend of Quantum Physics, Feng Shui and Resonance Repatterning mixed together in an easy to follow step-by-step weekly zoom calls that build on each other. I’ll be your guide, teaching you how to attract more Money Ener’Chi.

Stop wasting time, trying to figure it out all on your own, and receive the help you need in order to resonate with the vibration and frequency of your Money Intentions.

From Money Blocked To Being a Money Magnet towards Financial Freedom $$

  • Are you ready to manifest more money in your life?
  • Are you aware you have conscious and unconscious money blocks from life-long depleting patterns?
  • Do you want to attract more abundance in all areas of your life?
  • Do you need more cash flowing in to lower your anxiety about your finances?
  • Then, this is for YOU!

This is your opportunity to resonate with Your Money Ener’Chi Intentions Around You, On You and Within You. To harmonize with the Money Ener’Chi Frequencies to get the positive results you desire.

Being a Feng Shui Master, Speaker, Author, and Ener'Chi Coach professionally for over 20 years. I have learned more than a few manifestation tools to help myself, my clients and my students to attract more prosperity and abundance in our lives.  It is my hearts desire to help you too!

This Masterclass will empower you with the practical skills and knowledge to shift and balance the Ener’Chi of the 5 Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, Around You, On You and Within You. By using these tools we are able to remove the unconscious blocks keeping you stuck and help you manifest more happiness and to be a money magnet towards financial freedom.



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Thursday’s starting April 23 to May 28th 

6 pm PT 

Zoom Video Call

$44 each week, MasterClass ($88 value)

Limited Spots Available, RSVP ASAP

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Home Zoom Feng Shui Party

Weather it's Feng Shui for love, money or just the basics, you choose the topic for your party starting at $333 between 1-2 hours customized to fit your groups needs. 


Zoom Lunch & Learn Feng Shui for the Office

Create more harmony and increase production by having a

 Zoom Feng Shui Office Lunch & Learn Starting $333 for 

30 - 60 minutes to fit the lunch time schedule.  


Lift Your Health Ener'Chi with Feng Shui Master Class~

Empower Yourself & Loved Ones During This Pandemic

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Online MasterClass at your own pace