Shift Your Ener'Chi Group Repatterning

Friday's at 1 PM AZ/PT

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Join our Group Repatterning to Shift Your Ener'Chi to a higher vibration to a Happier & Healthier YOU!

After purchasing the Ener'Chi Exchange, with 24 hour M-F, you will receive a Zoom Link to register for our Shift Your Ener'Chi Group Repatterning

Weekly On-Line: Feng Shui Workshops & Ener'Chi Shifts


Thursday~ Feng Shui MasterClasses

6 pm AZ time ( PT) 

  • Live on Zoom (recorded)
  • Every Thursday starting 

"Money AS Ener'Chi" MasterClasses

6 weeks series

April 23rd - May 28th


Tuesday ~ Happy Ener'Chi Harmonious Hour

Every Tuesday at 4 pm (PT) join me and interact with our Zoom-Live-Video group to repattern life depleting/unhappy Ener'Chi that are blocking your happiness and replace them with Life-Enhancing Ener'Chi to live a Happy Life! 

4 pm AZ (PT)

  • 1 hour Group Ener'Chi Shift Session
  • Live on Zoom & Phone 
  • Every Tuesday 
  • Empowering Intentions
  • Manifestation Moments Tips 
    • for yourself & your space
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Ener'Chi is Amplified when more then one come together
  • Choose to be live in person or by Proxy
    • do not need to be present in order to receive the benefits 
    • All active Club Members are Proxied into the session automatically 
  • Sessions are based on Present Moment Universal  Ener'Chi's that is all around 
    • Meet Your 
      • Life Needs
      • Spiritual Needs
      • Seasonal Elements
      • 3-4 yearly Mercury Retrograde 
      • and more....

      $44 each, Packages available

Heal Your Heart & Be Happier

Lifting the Ener'Chi in your home and within yourself to help heal your Heart and to feel Happier!

Join me Wednesday's in April for four weeks starting
Time: TBA
Where: Internet Zoom Video Call
Ener'Chi Exchange: $144

~live from a higher state of consciousness
~live in tune with your heart
~live from your heart-center
~remove blocks from your heart
~truly see & hear the heart of another
~resonate with the courage to love

This four week Heal Your Heart & Be Happier series is for you if you are ready to heal and empower your Heart's Ener'Chi. Helping you to feel Happier and to create life-changing results within you and around you. Giving you the opportunity to manifest your heart's desires into reality and live from a higher state of consciousness of love and peace.

I have combined both the Feng Shui & LIVING IN TUNE WITH YOUR HEART Repatterning's to created a four week series to Heal Your Heart & Be Happier.

Feng Shui tips to EMPOWER your hearts Ener'Chi
Repatternings to HEAL your HEART
~The Joy-filled Heart Repatterning
~Heart Abundance Repatterning
~Heart Connection Repatterning
~Depressed Heart Repatterning


Hero's Journey Gua-By-Gua

9 week series~ TBA

EMPOWER Yourself and Loved Ones with Positive Ener'Chi!  

Your home is either HELPING you manifest your dreams into reality or it is BLOCKING you from manifesting your dreams into reality!    

This Feng Shui Tele-workshop includes: Nine 60-minute weekly live and recorded teleconferences where you will learn Feng Shui tools to empower your life and your loved ones. This workshop is designed to keep you motivated and to support you during the 9 weeks. This is for beginners and for existing clients, practitioners and students.  

Balance the 5 Elements in Your Space Create more Success in your life Create more Harmony in your life Attract more Abundance in your life Lift your Heath Ener'Chi Improve your Relationships Ener'Chi Create the life you have always dreamed of Remove depleting Ener'Chi  


Take Your Vision Board to the Next Level with Quantum Physics!! Vision Boards work, but they don't always work as FAST as Feng Shui and Resonance Repatterning can!  

I will show YOU how to use your home as a huge vision board to attract what you want FASTER and to Resonance with what you want to attract it even FASTER!!!  

“I have been a client of Sandy Sue’s for years – in workshops and classes, Feng Shui consultations in my home and celebrating Chinese New Year at her event.  What Sandy Sue offers is so unique – a blending of Feng Shui, Flying Stars and all and Resonance Repatterning.  I love it!

The Shift Your Energy Gua class is the best class.  I loved that it is over time – so I could digest the qua and make shifts in energy in each qua as I decluttered my home. Whether I did major decluttering, or just a bit for now I felt “shifts” with all.  Having knowledge of what to add or remove was so helpful and practical.  Combining with Resonance Repatterning provided more depth on my connection to each gua.

I so appreciate Sandy Sue’s integrity, vibrancy and passion and caring that we understand the material she is sharing.  Thank you Sandy Sue!”

Cyndi A, Scottsdale, AZ

"I had a Feng Shui book that sat on my shelf essentially unused for years and years. I was given Sandy Sue's book as a gift, immediately LOVED it and started using it. It was so easy to use and simplified everything. I then signed up for her 9 Week Shift The Ener’Chi course. It was such a positive, informative class that I really looked forward to each week. I highly recommend it, and it allows you to make changes to the house during the week, to the area of the house discussed in class, asking questions as they arise. I then hired her to come out to my house to really fine tune my set up/individual house layout. She is very down to earth, with an upbeat, fun personality, and gives great advice. I highly recommend her!" - Natalie Bustamante  

Online Video-Zoom from the comfort of your own home

Each week we will work with a:  

* Different Room 

* New Empowering Intention for the New Year 

* Positive Action List 

* Shifting Your Personal Ener'Chi  

* Different Gua/area to lift the Ener'Chi in your Career/Life Path   Relationship  Family Prosperity Health Children/Creativity Travel/Helpful People Knowledge/Spirituality  Reputation/Fame And Much More.....  

Now is the time to Turn Your Dreams into Reality! 

FUN Feng Shui Parties on Zoom


Choose any of the following Feng Shui Workshops:

  • Manifest Your Ideal Relationship/s
  • Manifest More Money
  • Increase Health Ener'Chi
  • Office Ener'Chi Shift for Success
  • Sell Your Home or Business Quickly
  • Empower Your Metal Element to Own Your Value 
  • Empower Your Fire Element to Ignite Your Passion 
  • Empower Your Water Element to Clarify Your Purpose Empower 
  • Your Earth Element to Feel Safe & Secure in Your Foundation
  • Empower Your Wood Element to Grow, Prosper & Thrive
  • MUCH MORE......customized to fit Your NEEDS!


Feng Shui Parties are FUN