Feng Shui Services: On-Line Video or On-Location


On-line we can connect anywhere in the world.

Using Zoom-Video on your phone or computer, send me pictures and a floor plan.


I am happy to come to you anywhere in the world.

I love to travel, so I am happy to come to where you live or a location you are considering purchasing for a home or business.  For a private 1/1, home party or workshop in your area.

Shifting your Ener'Chi with Feng Shui is a process & I can help you every step of the way.

Shift The Ener'Chi At Home Or The Workplace



Business or Workplace

Business or Workplace

Balance Your Life & Attract Your Intentions


Business or Workplace

Business or Workplace

Business or Workplace


  • Profits
  • Productivity
  • Clients/customers base
  • Harmony with team members  
  • Reputation


  • Disharmony
  • Security anxiety
  • Employee turn around
  • Legal issues


Real Estate

Business or Workplace

Real Estate

Buy - Sell - Build -Design - Home or Business

"Transformation Happens The Moment You Take Positive Action" - SANDY SUE

3 Packages To Choose From

MOST POPULAR #1 Package: "Manifest Your Dreams into Reality"


Total Transformation With Feng Shui & Resonance Repatterning To Resonate With Your Desires

This is for you if you are wanting to:

  • Transform your life & resonate with your hearts desires
  • Get clear & resonate with what you need  
  • Increase happiness in all aspects of your life
  • Start attracting you souls desires 
  • Remove life long life-depleting patterns
  • Turn your dreams into reality 

You will receive:

  • Customized 1/1 coaching for your personal Ener'Chi needs
  • Twelve (12) 1-hour coaching 
    • calls on-line (zoom/phone) 
    • &/or on-locations
  • At your pace, you choose
    • as fast as 2 days 
    • as long as 12 months
  • Home delivered package
    • Ener'Chi Manifestation Kit
    • Harmonious Kit 
    • Life-Enhancing Remedies 
  • Exclusive downloadable tools & worksheets to guide you through the process
  • Coaching via email in between our calls for questions
  • Private FaceBook private group

We will be working in depth with "Your Personal Space Ener'Chi"

  • Property assessment 
    • All rooms, yard, surround area & work
    • Harmful EMF's electromagnetic fields 
    • Floor plan balancing  
  • Western & Eastern Feng Shui Enhancements
    • Ener'Chi Map placed on front door
    • Art of placement 
    • Balancing the 5 Elements
  • 2019 Ener'Chi recommendations
    • yearly adjustment for new Ener'Chi 
  • Your Power Spot Locations
    • sleeping, eating, working, & communicating 
  • Harmonious Ener'Chi Grid
  • Balancing the Bagua Ener'Chi Map
    • Best colors, shapes, numbers & element

We will be working in depth with "Your Personal Ener'Chi"

  • Your Personal Element Profile(s) 
    • up to 3 loved ones in the home
    • Empowering colors & shapes to wear for your personal element
    • 4 Power Directions for enhancing 
      • love, money & health 
    • 4 Depleting Directions to avoid
  • Shifting your personal resonance
    • repatterning session to 
      • resonate with your goals
      • clear conscious and unconscious beliefs blocking you from success

Choose from:

  • On-Line Consultations $3,333
    • up front or
      • pay two payment plan $1,999
      • 3 month payment plan $1,500
  • On-Location 
    • Scottsdale & surround area
      • Starting at an additional $200+
    • Out of town 
      • all travel expenses covered

      Invest in yourself, Shift the Ener'Chi within you and around you. Learn life-enhancing tools to use for the rest of your life! 

Transformation happens the moment you take positive action

Shifting Your Ener'Chi & Transforming your personal space to resonate with your hearts desires


Manifest Your Dreams into Reality

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

#2 Package: Transform Your "Personal Space" Ener'Chi"


This is for you if you are wanting to:

  • Increase your happiness
  • Decorate with your intentions in mind
  • Increase your luck
  • Bring balance & harmony into your life
  • Improve your well-being in your:
    • Finances, relationships, career, health, reputation, knowledge, travel & creativity
  • Remove seen & unseen blocks
  • Attract & contain the positive Life Force Ener'Chi 
  • Protection from draining/depleting Ener'Chi within & around your personal space

Home/Business/Workplace Consultation includes:

  • Intake Form Review
  • Initial phone interview addressing your major goals
  • Go through your space
  • Analysis your floor plan 
  • Property assessment for depleting Ener'Chi
  • Furniture placement guidance
  • Balancing the 5 Elements
  • Yin/Yang Balancing
  • Space Clearing
  • Follow-up 

You will receive:

  • 2 hour On-Line or On-Location
  • Pre & Post consulting
  • Personal Ener'Chi packet
  • Step-by-step downloads
  • Recording your session
  • 30 day added support, via email, 1x a week
  • Happy Harmonious Feng Shui Kit
  • Free Private FB group 

3 Options to Choose from:

  1. On-Line Consultations 
    • 2 hours
    • $600  
    • Video- Zoom or FaceTime 

  1. On-Location 
    • 2 hour
    • $688
      • Scottsdale & surround area
    • $100 +
      • driving per hour

  1. Out of town 
  • all travel expenses covered


Transform Your "Personal Space" Ener'Chi" package

On-Line Consultations

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

#3 Package: A' La Carte Hour Long Ener'Chi Tune Up Session


One Session

Package of 6

Package of 6

$333 New Clients

$268 Loyal Clients

1 hour

Feng Shui  to Shift Your Ener'Chi 

  • 1 hour On-Line Video Zoom
  • Pre consulting
  • Recording your session


Package of 6

Package of 6

Package of 6

$1,668 New Clients

$1,333 Loyal Clients


of 6 sessions

buy 5 get 1 FREE

$333/268 savings

You may share your

 package with loved ones


1 Hour Shift Your Ener'Chi Session

On-Line Consultation New Client

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Create Empowering Ener'Chi From The Start

Blueprint & Floorplan Evaluations

Blueprint & Floorplan Evaluations

Blueprint & Floorplan Evaluations


The drawing board is the best place to start working on the flow of Positive Ener'Chi for a happy life.

Manifesting your dreams into reality, empower your Personal Ener'Chi for health and happiness, increase your opportunities, and avoid depleting mistakes.

Landscape Feng Shui Design

Blueprint & Floorplan Evaluations

Blueprint & Floorplan Evaluations


Your land is more important than the interior of your home or business.

Positive Ener'Chi comes from nature and if you harness it correctly, you will attract more abundance of Ener'Chi in all aspects of your life. Making you very happy!

New Builds & Best Lot Location

Blueprint & Floorplan Evaluations

New Builds & Best Lot Location


My wisest, happiest and wealthiest clients only buy a new lot and build a new home or business, consulting with me first.


Ask one Question, send in pictures that go with it

send question and pictures to: BalanceYourLife@cox.net

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Love, Love testimonies!!!! Last Saturday at the Feng Shui for Love Party. one of the guest had bought a Ener'Chi Balancers Feng Shui Manifestation Kit.   A couple months later I saw her at a different events. She told me that her mother did her Manifestation Moment everyday for a month and now she is dating a Doctor……YIPPEE!!!! Dreams really do come true.  That was back in 2014. Update they have been married for a few years now.  I LOVE Feng Shui!!