Resonance Repatterning

"Quantum Change made easy. The Resonance Repatterning System is an energy process which can help you identify and clear the patterns of energy underlying any issue, problem or pain you are experiencing."  -Bruce Lipton

Ener'Chi Coaching with Resonance Repatterning

Private 1/1 One Hour Ener'Chi Shift Session

Tuesday's Happy Ener'Chi Harmonious Hour Group Ener'Chi Shift Sessions

Tuesday's Happy Ener'Chi Harmonious Hour Group Ener'Chi Shift Sessions

1 Hour Phone or Zoom Session

In the comfort of your own space


Package of 6 

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$1,000 ($166 each)

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Tuesday's Happy Ener'Chi Harmonious Hour Group Ener'Chi Shift Sessions

Tuesday's Happy Ener'Chi Harmonious Hour Group Ener'Chi Shift Sessions

Tuesday's Happy Ener'Chi Harmonious Hour Group Ener'Chi Shift Sessions

Every Tuesday  at 4 pm AZ

1 hour Happy Ener'Chi Harmonious Hour 

To Lift Our Ener'Chi


Tribe / Team Building

Tuesday's Happy Ener'Chi Harmonious Hour Group Ener'Chi Shift Sessions

Tribe / Team Building

Get the whole tribe / team on the same frequency to create more harmony and success for all concerned.

Starting at $333 On-Location

$222 On-Line Video Conferencing 


One 1/1 Private Ener'Chi Shift Session

On Phone or Video

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1 hour Ener'Chi Shift Session

Rewrite Your MIND

I love Bruce Lipton.  He was one of our speakers at our Holographic Repatterning Conference (now called Resonance Repatterning) in Sedona over 10 years ago.   He helps us to understand how the mind works and how we can Shift the Ener'Chi using quantum physics and energy psychology to create a better life!  

Are you ready to have a better life?  I offer a 15 minute complimentary phone or zoom Strategy Session Connection Call to get you started.  


What is Resonance Repatterning?

Resonance Repatterning Session ~ 1 hour phone/zoom sessions

"What you resonate with is what you experience. "  CHLOE FAITH WORDSWORTH

Any problem you have lets you know that you resonate with unconscious negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

Change your own resonance & notice the transformation in the relationship, the situation, in how you feel, & in your life.

When you resonate with the positive, you automatically experience the positive – you spiral up.

There’s a choice: stay where you are, in the spiral down state of stress, tension, overwhelm, upset or spiral up by transforming the de-energizing patterns you resonate with.

Most of your thoughts, conscious and unconscious belief systems have been past down from generation to generation and most of them starting in the womb or early childhood.   These powerful childhood emotions and belief systems are effecting your life now.  They are either benefiting you or depleting you.   

Everything is Ener'Chi.  Each one of us has an Ener'Chi Field that is a complete universe of it own self. Full of infinite/limitless Ener'Chi within that.  

Every thought and emotion has its own frequency that you are holding within you and it is reflected in how your life is showing up, in how you 

Think & Feel

Your Relationships 

Your Prosperity

Your Health

Make decisions

You choose homes, how you decorate, where you clutter shows up and what and whom you surround yourself with  based on these beliefs that are beneficial or not.  They also, show up in how you are feeling and thinking. How do you know if you have Life-Depleting-Ener'Chi around you and within you?  

These session help you on the:

  • Emotional level
  • Mental level
  • Physical level
  • Spiritual level
  • Business level

Over 150 different Repatterning's for Your "Ener'Chi System" to choose the repatterning that is most beneficial  at this time for your transformation.  We use the muscle checking process called Applied Kinesiology that is a biofeedback system in our muscular system that guides us through the process.

I am still amazed every session I give or receive, how accurate this healing system that Chloe Faith Wordsworth created to connect to our higher self and the universal Ener'Chi to heal ourselves and others.  I will be enterally grateful for creation.

If you want to spiral up & experience the opportunity in every problem schedule your session today!

$200 per hour session 

Be Honest With Yourself, take a few minutes and look at ALL the different aspects of your life.

FREE "Reality Check"  


Package of 6 ~ 1/1 Private Ener'Chi Shift

Save $200

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Buy 5 get 1 Free

Use for yourself or gift them to others

150 Different Repatterning's


Your Ener'Chi Field Guides Us Through The Process Choosing The Highest & Best Repatterning For You!

Living in Tune with Your Light

  • The intention of the Repatternings is to support us in shifting our resonance so we too can discover and radiate our light.
  •  This is based on (8) eight true stories that uplift us when we need inspiration, that strengthen us when the going gets tough in our life and that help us  self-heal when we are ready for inner transformation.
  • 8 different repatternings 
    • Crack in the Vase - and the secret it holds
    • Anything is Possible
    • The Power of Your Light - access it, live it
    • Anger as a Blessing - quantum leap to a new way of being
    • Turn Your Fear into Courage
    • Self-Mastery in the Face of Problems
    • Commitment to Yourself- challenge to greatness
    • Living Your Dreams

Living in Tune with Your Heart

  • Is for those who want to resonate with heart consciousness, through eight Heart Repatternings, for more love, inner joy, peace of mind and reverence for life.
  • Focused on personal self-healing, self-mastery and transformation through experience of each Heart Repatterning process.
  • 8 different repatternings 
    • Seeing the Heart
    • Disconnect from the Heart - trigger reactions and stress
    • Listening to the Heart - communicating for connection
    • Depression of the Heart - and hope
    • Triangles of the Heart
    • The Mature Heart
    • The Joy-filled Heart

Living in Tune with Your Life

  • Is about turning our minds towards expanded awareness and what it means to embrace life.
  • In this process, the change in how we think and express ourselves points us in the direction of our spiritual evolution and self-healing.
  • 9 different Repatternings 
    • The Marriage of Yin & Yang - how to live happily ever after
    • True Aliveness
    • Our Resonant Note
    • Our Resonate Breath
    • Thinking in Curves
    • Beliefs and Perception of Time
    • Outer Image Aligned to Inner Nature
    • Our Resonant Weight - messages we need to hear
    • The Hero's Journey

New Vision Repatterning

  • You have the potential to free yourself from non-coherent memories that inhibit how much light you take in. 
  • Light in turn affects how you move, your posture, your breathing, how you relate to others, your positive or negative thoughts and feelings and how you perceive yourself.

Principles of Relationship Repatterning

  • covers fourteen Repatternings for transforming yourself and your relationships.

Transforming Chakra Patterns

  • ancient Indian system of natural healing – to the seven major reservoirs of energy that determine your thoughts, emotions, life attitudes and actions.
  • You go to the root cause of any problem. You transform your resonance with your life stresses by re-aligning your energy field frequencies through four Chakra Repatternings and the Chakra Energizing Options.

Transforming 5 Element & 12 Meridian Patterns

  • This five-thousand year system of Acupuncture balances the flow of energy for maintaining harmony, optimal health, constructive thinking and emotional balance.
  • You strengthen the flow of Chi life energy through seven powerful Repatternings howto release fears and phobias.
  • Transforming Unconscious Patterns
    • how the neural connections in your brain either free you or imprison you.
    • You learn six powerful Repatternings to transform memory imprints, parental patterns and compensations that sabotage how you want to show up in your life.
    • As you resonate with the coherent qualities associated with the seven major brain areas and the neurotransmitters needed for optimal body-brain functioning, you automatically spiral up to a higher frequency state: happiness, relaxation and an optimistic attitude are just a few of the results people experience.

Transforming Primary Patterns

  • Go deeper into the Resonance Repatterning system for transforming the thoughts that create your reality.
  • Healing the Family System Patterns
    • 80% of all our problems comes from the Family System