Hi, I'm Sandy Sue

My name means helper of mankind

.. and it's my passion and life purpose to help those striving for more!

I personally have been striving for more since I can remember.  Having that burning desire to find more happiness in all aspects of my life and to help others on their own heroes journey too. 

Feng Shui came into my life

in 1998 when I owned a day spa with 10 employees and a few satellite locations.  Business was slow, I was working 80+ hours a week and I hadn't paid myself for over two years when Feng Shui came to the rescue.  My businesses doubled within 30 days of having a professional consultation.  I was AMAZED and fascinated  with this new wisdom that came into my life.   I started sharing this wisdom with anyone who was open to receive it and they starting having positive results too.  I learned all I could, pro-bono for over 2 years to confirm all I've learned, became certified in Feng Shui and Resonance Repatterning, sold my business and starting helping others Shift their Ener'Chi and manifest their dreams into reality.  

I was blessed the moment I was open to receiving the Ancient wisdom of balancing the 5 elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood, around us and within us.  

It changed my life and it makes my heart sing when I help others improve their life too. 

Professionally I am a

Feng Shui Master, Speaker, Author, Realtor & Energy Coach for people striving for more.  With over 26 years of experience in the Healing Arts and 14 years as a Realtor.  

My own life experiences are tools I bring out when needed during my consultations.  As a child I helped my dad build my our home, a teen and young adult I worked for my father painting multi-million dollar homes, and the last 28 years a real estate investor and business owner.  


  • Highly Intuitive
  • Empowering Ener'Chi Shifter
  • Identify & Clear Negative Pattern within you and around you
  • Balancing the 5 Harmonious Elements, around you, &  within you
  • Manifestor
  • Feng Shui Master 
  • Resonance Repatterning Practitioner
  • Ener'Chi Realtor Expert
  • Formerly a Reiki Master, LMT, Yoga teacher and an Ordained Minister

Virtually, I offer Private 1/1 sessions, Group Workshops and Group Ener'Chi Shift sessions on a Live-Video-Stream.   

I also provide Workshops Retreats, Special Events, On-line Courses and my Social Media community.

Increase Your Happy Ener'Chi

You come from nature and just like nature you need the perfect environment to thrive!

You are the creator of your life!  Together we can turn your dreams into reality!

I use proven ancient wisdom of Feng Shui and Resonance Repatterning to shift and amplify your personal space, within you and around you.  

Both healing systems use the Law of Balancing the 5 Element of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. We remove low vibrations and increasing higher vibrations within you and around you, bringing more happiness into your life.


We will identifying and remove unconscious/unseen and conscious/seen blocks within you and around you, that are depleting Your Ener'Chi and blocking you from being truly happy.   

Replacing the life-depleting Ener'Chi with life-enhancing Ener'Chi will harmonize and empowering your body-mind system to resonate with your goals and positive Intentions.

I call this "Manifestation Moments" that  help you get your life and spiritual needs met.


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